12 November 2009

Family Week

The relatives are here! My cousin, Jonathan, and his wife, Heather, and their five month old son, Jethro, arrived this past Saturday afternoon. We love having this time with them, especially when we probably won't see them for another three years. Jonathan is a Captain in the Army and they leave directly from our house on Monday for Korea for three years.

Jethro is a little cutie:

Sylvia is quite interested in Jethro and is pretty sweet with him, but she has her moments. We are also seeing some jealousy issues first hand. For example: Jethro was on a blanket in our living room. Everyone was around him and watching him. As soon as his mommy removed him from the blanket, Sylvia quickly plopped herself on it and lied down. Things could be interesting in about twelve weeks!
This is Sylvia sitting in my old rocking chair at my parent's house. Sylvia actually has Dave's old rocker in her bedroom and this one will be Lovebug's, but it was so cute to watch her in it with her book. I always thought that this was the chair that attacked me when I was about 18 months old, but my dad informed me yesterday that he is pretty sure it was his old rocker that inflicted the head wound and subsequent stitches. (By the way, the whole incident was caught on video tape!)
And this is simply Sylvia being Sylvia, a ham. This girl loves to pose for the camera and when she sees one come out she really starts putting on the charm.
Remember that Moses Basket that Sylvia had after she was first born? She slept in it for the first couple months of her life. Since that time it has served as a stuffed animal home in her bedroom. Today she crawled over (no, we're not walking yet) and pulled out several of the stuffies and then plopped herself in it. It was just too cute.
And did you happen to notice in that last picture that her eyes were free of hair? This morning her Oma and I held her down and managed to snip those bangs. I have tried to do this myself a couple of times before, but she has never let me get anywhere near her with scissors. Between my mom and I, though, we did manage to accomplish this little trim. This makes her first haircut. No pictures. No saved clipped hair. Just a memory.

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Stepher said...

Hey, that's my cellphone! My call phone and the back of my legs made your blog. Yes! Highlight of my night. Highlight of my day was, of course, seeing you and Sylvia. Too bad I was so busy working I didn't get much time to visit. But it was grand to see the pumpkin in a better mood today! I loved watching her point at the frog. I hope when she looks at it she'll always remember her Auntie Stephy loves her