16 November 2009

Babies, Prenatal News & Albus' Return

Babies, babies, babies! This past weekend was full of babies. This is Sylvia with our "nephew," Jack. Jack is a very big boy. He is over eight months younger than Sylvia but already weighs the same as her. (Although, Sylvia has a number of inches on him in height.) The carseat she is sitting in is her cousin, Jethro's. She loved to sit in this seat. She also likes to sit in the bouncy seat that Jack is in as well. This girl would love one of those foam toddler armchairs. When I'm reclining on the couch--which I tend to do more and more these days as the pains of pregnancy become greater--she will crawl over and want me to lift her onto the couch as well. Then she crawls to the other end and reclines just like Mama!
This picture cracks me up.
These two little men are Jethro and Jack. Jethro is only two weeks older than Jack and it was really fun to watch two babies so close in age "interract." This same night Sylvia took two teeny, tiny steps. I am with her nearly 24/7, so of course I missed it! Dave, my mom and Heather saw. I guess it was almost more of an accidental "walk," but she still did manage to accomplish something close to walking. Perhaps we will see even greater strides toward the ambulatory direction.

Jonathan and Heather (and Jethro, of course!) left very early this morning. We said our goodbyes shortly after 2:00 a.m. They left behind their air mattress for our care for the next three years. Dave dragged the mattress into the living room and then let Sylvia play on it. She loved it! I didn't have my camera on the right settings when I took these pictures, but I still think they are pretty fun.

Today I had one of those "big" prenatal appointments. The great news: My blood pressure was fantastic. I mean, really, really fantastic. It was 122/64. The good news is that my hemoglobin count came back good. Nice to know that the iron levels are appropriate. I "failed" both of these things last year at this same appointment so I was really nervous this year. Dave came with me, which was really nice. The bad news: I failed the glucose screening. I failed last year too and had to take the three hour hospital screening. It was an awful experience for me. I got so sick and they make you sit in a waiting room with the most uncomfortable chairs. By about ninety minutes into it I pulled another chair in front of me, propped my legs up on it and passed out. I know people thought I was terribly rude, but I really truly couldn't help it. I was just so sick. And so, yes, I get to repeat this joy Friday morning. Oh, goody!

In other news, we have a surgery date set for Lovebug's birth. I am incredibly nervous. My due date is February 20 and my surgery is scheduled for February 18. Yikes! I am terrified of going into labor and then having to endure labor and then push forever to only be told in the end that I need another emergency c-section. Some interesting information: For women who are full term and go into labor spontaneously, 96% will deliver vaginally. For women who have had one previous c-section, reach full term and go into labor spontaneously, there is over a 30% chance that another c-section will be needed. I really, really, really just want the c-section and not have to take the risks of a vaginal birth.

And do you recognize this cat? This is Albus. He is a cat we took in last year. He was very sickly and weighed almost nothing when we brought him into our home. We took care of him and gave him some love and he blossomed. This past spring he decided that he kind of liked being outdoors, so we booted him out. Then the cold weather began to come. Suddenly he was trying to get back into the house at every opportunity. We are softies. We just didn't think it was fair that this poor cat had a miserable life before meeting us, then gets to enjoy a wonderful winter indoors and then gets kicked back outside to endure another winter.

He came running inside Saturday night and Dave had to really chase him down to throw him back out. At that point we let him know that once Jonathan and Heather left he could return to the indoors. And so, this morning he re-entered our home. He is thrilled, absolutely thrilled. The other cats are adjusting. They know who he is and don't have a huge problem with him, but he can be kind of annoying. He is so affectionate with all of them and has no concept of personal space. He will even sit on top of them and think nothing of it!


Stepher said...

Ha, ha! Now you have a dumb cat too! Love the pics of Sylvia and her daddy on the mattress, what fun!

mabel said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.