01 November 2009

My Birthday

Hello. My name is Sylvia, but I am often called the Little Pumpkin. A couple of weeks ago my mama and daddy woke me up one morning and said, "Happy Birthday!" They told me that I had been born one year ago and that today was a celebration of my first year of life. I have no idea what that means, but let me tell you about all the really neat things that happened that day.
First, some really cool people came over. My aunts and uncles and friends. And you know what? They were all here to see me! My Grumpy even played with me. He's a pretty neat old guy.
And you know who else came? My Oma! I cannot believe that my Oma was here. I love her a lot.
Then my mama and daddy told me that they had a very special book to read to me. I love books, so I was really excited. It was a really nifty book. It had pieces that popped off the pages and everything! Sadly, my mama said I couldn't keep the book. She said it was special. But don't worry, I got bunches of books later that afternoon!
This was the cake that my Auntie Stephie made me. Do you see that really big cupcake in the middle? I thought that one was mine, but I was wrong. Turns out, mine was the itty bitty one sitting next to the big one. Bummer.Okay. Then this next part was kind of strange. There were all these boxes wrapped in paper. It was really colorful and pretty paper but I don't know why they came that way. But Mama and Daddy helped me. Turns out, when you take that paper off there is some pretty cool stuff inside!
I got lots of books for my birthday, but this one concerns me a little bit. Does anybody know what this means?
Oh, and this toy is SO cool! My friend, Alexis, gave it to me. (That's her in the picture.) This is my Elmo Truck. It makes noise and music and the best part is that I can push it around the house!Then this present had me a little confused. First, I thought the pretty blue bow on top was the gift. I was pretty happy with it, but Daddy said there was more.
He opened the box and this thing was inside! I had no idea what I was supposed to do with her. But then I figured it out.
I eat her face!
My Oma found this neat rocking horse for me. I can't ride him by myself yet, but I am really eager to learn how.
And then this present was a very special present from my mommy. She made it for me. Do you know what it was?
It was a little teddy bear!
Now, if you thought all that other stuff was cool, just wait until you hear what happens next. My mama came over with my cake! I had never had this stuff before, but boy . . .
I ate the entire cake in only a couple of minutes and then I tried to clean off the crumbs from my tray. I wanted more. A lot more.
But I couldn't have anymore. Instead, Mama came over and washed me off.

So, that is what a birthday is all about. I hope that all of you get to have one of these things too. They are pretty great!


Sigrid said...

love this post! Thanks for letting us far-away people share in your birthday, Sylvia! You are one cute CUTE little girl! (I especially love the picture of you with your Oma-- the expression on your face is AMAZING!) I hope one day not too far away you can meet and play with your second cousin, Judah! I think you'd have a good time together.

Stephanie said...

Love it!

Stepher said...

So many great memories from the birthday bash - Dave holding her upside down as she dove into her presents, eating her baby doll's face, devouring an entire cupcake within a manner of minutes, squealing with Alexis over the cat toys. . . Just think, we'll get to do it all over again in just over a year for two new one-year-olds

meapey said...

Loved hearing about your birthday, Sylvia! It seems like you had a wonderful time and got lots of great presents! Tell your Mommy I said, "Thanks!" for sharing the pictures with us. You are growing so big each time I seem them!