26 October 2009

Guess Who's Discovered Toilet Paper?

The other morning I got out of the shower to find the above. The Little Pumpkin was in the bathroom and bedroom by me while I showered and she discovered the joys of toilet paper. She was so happy with herself when I found her. She had this huge smile and then started giggling. As you can kind of tell from the picture, she shreds the stuff. I can't even re-roll what she has taken to use it later. Today I finally moved the roll to the counter. I came in later only to find it shred again-- this time by Orva, our grey cat. Good grief.

The other afternoon I was giving Sylvia her naptime bottle. (We are weaning her off from this one, and this leaves only the bedtime bottle, which we are hoping to be rid of by Christmas.) I sit her in my lap on the couch and she reclines on my growing belly. Well, at this particular snack she got kicked by her sister. Sylvia squirmed her little shoulders in response, confused by what that little whack in her back was, and continued with her drink. It was pretty cute and I thought to myself, "Oh, if only you understood . . ."

And growing belly I do have! I am starting to get rather large. I am quite confident that I was not this large at this same point last year, and I probably wasn't. The joys of a subsequent pregnancy are to thank! Otherwise, I am doing pretty well. I am still under restrictions but the immediate concerns of before are gone. I find myself getting terribly sore and tired by the end of the day, more so than I remember from last year, but I am quite confident that crawling after and chasing after and lifting a one year old are to blame. Fortunately, Dave is great. He gets home from work and will play with the Pumpkin while I take a short rest before I prepare dinner and get some other odds and ends accomplished (it was paying bills this evening).

Next Thursday is the fetal echocardiogram. If that comes back looking good then I am pretty sure we will be done with the high-risk doctors for this pregnancy! It will be so nice to have only one physician to visit instead of two different offices. (Not to mention all the doctor appointments Sylvia needs in addition to my own.) This will be especially helpful, as after my next prenatal check I will begin having to show up every other week for my appointments.

And finally, birthday pictures will be up in a couple of days. I am waiting for one last set of pictures to be sent to me and then I can go through and pick out some of the best ones to share.

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Stepher said...

Too funny! Sylvia is at such a fun age. Part of me wants to skip the whole newborn phase and move straight to 6 mos, but I guess I'll learn to love those first few months too. Looking forward to when I get to see the two of you again.