05 October 2009


This is going to be a busy week around here. I am in a doctor's office three times this week, we have two birthday parties to go to, and some other odds and ends that are happening or require our attendance. Today I had an ultrasound that was ordered by my regular OB. This scan was primarily concerned with things relating to me, but she did a check on Lovebug too. Lovebug looks as happy as can be for a just-over-halfway-through-the-pregnancy-baby. The above picture is her face on the bottom right and her little leg is extending over her and her little foot is giving her mama a good kick in the gut!

And for those of you who may have forgotten, or do not yet realize, how difficult it can be to dress a toddler, I thought I would post a reminder/foreshadow. This is Dave trying to get Sylvia into her pajamas tonight:

Truth be told, her mama can do it a little faster, but watching daddy try is so much fun! It takes him a good ten minutes to complete the operation.


Lindsey said...

Hahahah... too true, congrats to Dave!

Stepher said...

Too funny! What a stinker she can be.

Stephanie said...

He'll have it down by the time lovebug is that old!

Stepher said...

I showed these pictures to Joe and he looked a little concerned. It's probably a good thing.