30 September 2009

I Wanna Be a Toddler!

Sylvia does not suck her thumb. There was a time when we would have given anything for her to figure out how to do this (those days when she was so cholicy and she couldn't keep a pacifier in her mouth), but she never did learn how. Instead, she sucks her finger. It is her right pointer/index finger, and she sucks it with her palm facing up. Very strange. This is her tell-tale sign that she is getting tired or that she is "out of sorts" (like falling and hurting herself). I was lucky enough to finally get a picture of it this past weekend. I think it is such a precious shot.
Sylvia is also quickly entering into "Toddlerville." The other night Dave was feeding her dinner. She ate all her food, but when Dave began to clean things up she got very angry and threw her spoon at her daddy! Apparently, she wasn't ready to be finished eating. This afternoon she was upset and wanted nothing to do with me, so she crawled down the hall, rounded the corner, and sat outside Lovebug's room to cry. She also refuses to wear her socks and often pitches a royal tantrum when she needs to get into her car seat. Yes, joyful days are ahead of us!
The upside to these new advances into independence is all the fun we get to have. She truly loves to play with her Mama and Daddy and her new abilities and problem solving skills are quite impressive. I love going in to get her in the morning because she is always ready to face the day with a smile on her face and is eager to begin playtime with Mama. She also loves people. This past weekend we went to ArtPrize in downtown Grand Rapids and as we wheeled her around she would smile and wave at strangers, she would flirt with the boys, and if someone was not paying attention to her she would begin to make noise and flap her little arm harder. I truly wish that each and every one of you could spend just a little time with our Pumpkin. I promise she would make you smile and love life a little more.


Stephanie said...

She does make life better!

Stepher said...

Love, love, love all of the pictures! I will have my camera ready next time she comes for a visit. I'm so glad to see the halloween clothes Oma found fit.

Lindsey said...

Too cute! I love her!