26 September 2009

What I Do

I most generally post about what is going on in our family life, and particularly regarding our children, but I thought that for this post I would share a little of what I do to relieve stress and have fun. (As I certainly don't partake in my hobbies to keep busy!) I like to knit. I love yarn and patterns and creating something before my eyes. I also heard on a news program that knitting makes you smarter and wards off dementia. I enjoy it so much that Dave asked to learn a few nights ago, and has even managed to knit a tiny little bit each evening since then. (Although he did "learn" once by me several years ago, it was only a one time occasion.)

The above is a little teddy bear in a sweater that I did this week. I think it will be Sylvia's birthday present. Given that Sylvia does not understand birthdays and presents and surprises yet I already gave the bear a test run with her to-be-owner. She was met with big smiles. While I am not entirely pleased with my end product, she is still pretty cute. And below is my current project. Sorry, but I cannot reveal what it is, as it is a gift for a frequent reader.


Lindsey said...

I love the bear- too cute! I'm sure Sylvia will love it!

Heather K. said...

You are so talented! I need to find and keep a hobby or two of my own but unfortunately it seems much harder to learn anything these days. Can't wait to see you!

Stepher said...

I love the bear! How adorable!! I didn't know you could do anything like that? Last I knew you were still on blankets, fish and scarves. Good work!