16 September 2009

Playing and My First Word

This past weekend Sylvia was having so much fun in her playroom that I just took out the camera and snapped several shots. She has all these little games she likes to play now. She will make a sound and expect you to mimic it. She will hold up a large plastic container to her face, stare through it at you, and hollar into it. She loves to destroy all our Duplo creations. Her grandma gave her a sit and spin, and while she is too little to use it, there are four buttons on top of this toy that she loves. Each button plays a different little song. She will stand up by the sit and spin and pound one of those buttons and then move her little bottom in "dance." She loves to try and come up behind you and "surprise" you. She is an active, playful, and marvelous little girl.
And this is what is so hard for me to believe: She is becoming a little girl. Friday morning after finishing her bottle she held it up to me and said "bottle!" She did this twice. I wish you all could have seen her face; she was so proud of herself. This is her first word (aside from mama and daddy). She will be eleven months tomorrow and I am having kind of a difficult time acknowledging that my baby is almost a year. I fold her laundry and get a little misty eyed as I see how "big" her jeans have gotten. And then I get really saddened when I realize how quickly the next several years will fly by. She is so precious to me.

Tomorrow I have the amniocentesis. I am very nervous about this, especially as they will most likely have to go through the placenta. While they are experts and know what they are doing, this idea just scares me. Dave is coming with me for support and because he wants to be there (I can't drive myself for the procedure anyway). I am glad to have him. He is a great husband. He's an amazing father too, but he is such a wonderful husband for me.

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Lindsey said...

Just know you are loved, Valerie and the family is here for you. Sylvia is adorable and I too can't believe how big she is already! Crazy- makes me wonder how mom and dad handle life almost every day seeing how "adult" we all are (especially me- seeing as I'm still in the house). I guess it's all part of being a parent.