11 July 2008

Veterinarian Tales

We took the newest members of our cat family to the vet on Wednesday evening. They are both healthy. Just fleas and one has an eye infection that we are now treating. The vet was also so thankful that we are willing to provide homes to all these animals that he is giving us some really great deals on treatments and procedures. (There is a HUGE cat crisis right now, and all the area shelters have "Cat Alert: We Need Homes" posted on their websites.) Their names (now that we have been able to take a real peak at their "privates") are Olivia (the tabby) and Orva (the grey). They are staying in the baby's room right now while they get "de-flead" and until Orva's eye infection clears up. They are very happy:

The other black members of our family are very happy too:

[There is supposed to be a cute picture of the four of them on the couch here, but it won't upload.]

Alex is a little more stand-offish:

[There is supposed to be a picture of Alex sitting all alone here, but it won't upload.]

While we were visiting the doctor, the assistant asked us if we were married yet. Dave and I kind of got this puzzled look and said, "Yes." She said, "Oh, so I can change your status from boyfriend, then? And (looking at me) change your name?" I told her that we had been married nearly four years and that I just never changed my last name.

The vet then said, "We had been wondering about you two. I noticed that you (me) were wearing a ring but then I saw that he wasn't. So, I wasn't sure what the story was."

Dave explained that he had taken his ring off after getting home from work (something he does quite frequently). And then I laughed pretty hard and revealed that the ring I was wearing was a cheap cubic zirconia, because my hands are now too swollen to wear my actual wedding band.

We all had a pretty good laugh, and I thought it interesting that the doctor's office would take such an interest in our personal lives. Of course, we are there so often that I suppose it is not too surprising!


Lindsey said...

Haha... that is pretty funny about the Vet, but they probably feel like they know you so well by now! haha... anyway... bummer the computer won't load those pictures, why do you think I COME to your site? To see pictures, silly! haha... j/k! See you tomorrow at the shower.

babystephanie said...

That is one ginormous plate of food!
You are a good kitty mama, that is very generous of you to take them on and I'm glad the vet recognized it and is willing to help you out as well. Miss you!

Siwan said...

Hey, Val... get used to it! BTW: it's your *birth* name for the politically correct...hope the kitties are better and the fleas contained.