29 July 2008

Unpleasantries of Country Life

Now, I gave a pretty nice picture of what life in the country was like in my last blog. And, while Dave and I are adjusting to this very different lifestyle, it is not all fun and games up here. This morning I was awoken at 3:00 a.m. because I heard Annabelle growling. I turn and I see her in the corner and Audrey is right by the bed. I figured Annabelle had a toy she didn't want to share. So I tell her to just let it go and be quiet. She continues. I turn on the bedside lamp. Not three feet from the bed is Annabelle with a mouse. The LIVING kind! I freaked, woke Dave up, and we put two more cats in the bedroom to "finish the job." (Annabelle didn't quite get it done.) Just before death, Dave got the mouse and brought him outside to the outdoor cats for a treat.

Yes, outdoor cats. Have I mentioned that in addition to the seven we now have living in the house we HAD two more on the back porch. And then when I came home from grocery shopping this afternoon there was ANOTHER one! And so, that brings our cat count to TEN!

Also, our neighbors have been out of town for several weeks to attend to her dying father. Last night their house was broken into. Dave discovered it on his way into work this morning. The door was shoved open, dead bolt and all, the frame busted. They lost a game system and games, a guitar, and a jewelry box of stuff. Turns out that the "neighbors" across the street from them have been broken into several times over the last year! (I say "neighbors" because you can't actually see the house.) And so, here we sit rodent infested, under threat of burglary and surrounded by cats!

And now the sherriff has just pulled up! (I am sure to inquire about the burglary next door.) So, I guess I gotta go!


Lindsey said...

HOLY COW... and to think you LEFT me there alone for a WEEK! haha... I hope all is okay for you and Dave, at least you are set-back from the road some. As for the cats, you don't want to know my thoughts!

gwenfairysww said...

Good thing you're married or you would officially be the crazy cat lady!


Lindsey said...

Um... time for an update!?