04 July 2008

Cat Crisis!

Okay, so most of you know that Dave and I are professed animal lovers. I often think about the fact that I should have gone to school for one of three things: Forensic pathology, electrical engineering or vetrinarian. Perhaps one day I will pursue one of these careers, but for the time being I am as close to being the last one as I can be with no schooling. Last week we took Annabelle into our home:
This past Wednesday our neighbors (and very close friends) showed up with a seven week old black kitten. We named her Endora and took her to the vet Thursday morning. We had no intention of keeping her as we simply cannot afford this many animals, so I mentioned this to the vet. He said, "We have six staying here we can't get rid of and the bulletin board is full of additional kittens who need homes, but you are welcome to leave a flier on the board." Endora is healthy and adorable:
Then early yesterday evening Dave and I walked down to get the mail. On our walk back we heard kittens crying. Three very hungry and lonely kittens had been abandoned. Two followed us back and are living on our back porch. We would love to take them into the house for the time being but without knowing what diseases they may carry we can't let them mix with our other cats. They are probably about ten to twelve weeks old and really seem to want to be indoor cats. They are extremely friendly and oh so beautiful:

So, have you been keeping count? We now have SEVEN cats on the premises! At this point we think we need to keep Endora. She fits in so well with the others in our family, and we stand little chance of getting rid of two much less three. Please understand, if we could afford to spay/neuter/vaccinate all of them we would keep all seven. The food is affordable and the annual examinations aren't so pricey, but that initial care is just far beyond our means. And so . . . All of you reading have only three options:

1. You need to take BOTH of the kittens from the back porch. (We think they may need to be adopted together. And you would have to promise to not declaw. We are completely against declawing out of "human convenience" when it is a damaging and painful and unnecessary procedure for the cats.)

2. If you cannot take the two then you must find another "forever home" for them.

3. Donate cat food or money for spaying/neutering/vaccinating.

You think I'm kidding? I'm not. We are in a serious cat crisis!!!

Small, Medium & Large!

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babystephanie said...

I wish I could take them, I'm maxed out at three myself.
I will see if I can help find a home.
I will gladly donate cat food to your cause!! I gotta see ya!