22 July 2008

Our Pediatrician

Well, we have a pediatrician! This is a man and his partner who came highly recommended from one of Dave's coworkers. Their office is in Grandville, so it is 45 minutes from us, but we would rather feel very comfortable with our daughter's doctor and travel a ways than go to someone a little closer but not feel as comfortable with him/her. Besides, no matter where we find a doctor, we would be traveling a good 25 minutes anyway, so what's another 20 minutes on the road?

I talked with the pediatrician on the phone this afternoon after he spoke with my doctor at Maternal Fetal Medicine. The doctors decided that because they see three complications involving our daughter: VHL, Kidneys, and potential Heart, they strongly encouraged me to deliver at Spectrum. They feel this is the safest and best environment for an infant with already known problems to be born. While disappointed, Dave and I, of course, agree. And so, our daughter will be born at Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids with a doctor from MFM as the attending physician.

I have included two pictures from last week's scan. She is getting so large that it is harder to see the pictures, as she fills up so much of the screen. Her foot was already almost two inches long! The other shot is another head and chest shot. Make out what you can!

And, for all of you wondering, we are registered at Babies 'R' Us and Target. I finally got around to doing that last week, so now no one needs to ask me about it anymore! :-)


babystephanie said...

I love how you can see each toe.
Cute already.

Ria said...

It is wonderfull to see the pictures and reading your blog.
It's a good thing you did find your pediatrician where you have confidence in and where you do feel good with it.
Our thougts and prayers are flying oversea towards you with a lot of love included.
I'm not sure what you mean with a list for Babies"R"us or Target. But I think it is a list with wishes for the baby and I'm thankfull for this clue.
It is wonderfull to stay informed this way.
Love, Ria

Lindsey said...

Her head is HUGE! She's gonna be super-smart like you and Dave! I'm glad you found a good Dr. and I'm sad you have to deliver at Spectrum, but at least that will be good for the baby (and you)!

lol: the "word verification" is "babvad"- like baby Valerie and Dave! Get it?