13 July 2008

25 Weeks

Yesterday I hosted a bridal shower for my sister, so I got all dressed up and made myself as pretty as I could (given my condition!). Then it dawned on us that yesterday was exactly 25 weeks into the pregnancy! Wow! Only one more week in the second trimester. In only twelve more weeks I would be delivering full-term (37 weeks and beyond is considered full-term). In some ways I feel like I have been pregnant forever already, but in so many other ways it is simply hard to believe how quickly time has flown by. If you have been reading for a while my very first post has a picture of me in this same outfit. I was, I think, just shy of 16 weeks at the time. My, how I (and the baby) have grown!

And, my sister looked lovely!


babystephanie said...

You look absolutely beautiful!!

Lindsey said...

yeah, I can't believe how far along you are already! It is amazing how fast, yet so slow it goes, huh? And yes, Stephanie DID look quite lovely! haha