04 June 2010

Veda at Four Months

Our wee member of the family is now four months old.  She had her wellness check this past Tuesday.  She looks very healthy and her stats were good:  24.25" and 11lbs. 4oz.  She grew well over three inches since her two month check!  She is now in the 50th percentile for her length and continues to remain in the 10th for her weight.  We are going to try and fatten her up a bit!

Discouragingly, it looks as though we may have an allergy kid.  She has a couple of body rashes and we are carefully watching what may be causing the irritation.  We have to introduce solids very slowly to establish whether it upsets her system or not.  Nothing was severe enough yet to warrant full allergy testing at this time, but the doctor did caution that we should not be too surprised if we find ourselves in this boat in the future.

I shared with a couple of people that I dread becoming "that" mom.  You know, the mom who every time she drops her kids off somewhere has to say, "Well, child A can't eat this or do that and be sure you do this with child B and be especially careful about x with child B as well . . ."  Between genetic diseases and allergies I am quickly headed down that path.

And what is this?  Could that be little Veda rolling over from back to front?  Why, yes, it could!  She suddenly began doing this last Friday.  It took Sylvia until about six months before she could do this and we spent several weeks watching her try and try and try to master the skill.  I remember cheering her on and telling her what to do with her arm and it was almost a full blown celebration once she finally managed to roll over.  Veda, on the other hand, gave us no warning.  We never saw her make any attempts or anything.  She just suddenly did it.  It was a total surprise.  This worries me a little.  I appreciate the lack of drama (which we get PLENTY of from her older sister), but I also like having a little notice about things.

This picture just cracks me up.  I don't know if Veda is getting instructions, a pep talk, a warning . . . 


Stephanie said...

I was the kid who brought their own milk. Sigh.

Stepher said...

I think it's a pep talk. Sylvia's saying, "Listen kid, you think you're all that because you can roll from back to front. Now it's time to learn front to back. I know you can do it! I believe in you!"

No pics of Bruce?

JV said...

My daughter was pushing up in the isolette in the hospital moments after she was born. No joke. It scared my mother to death, though I'm not sure why. She can be rather silly about such things.

Of course, when my daughter was an infant, the prevailing wisdom was to put them down to sleep on their stomachs to keep them from aspirating in case they threw up, which has now been shown to have been all wrong advice. Anyway, I'd carefully swaddle her and put her down on her stomach, and from day one, she'd flip over onto her back. I spent many anxious nights checking her and flipping her back over to her stomach multiple times a night.

I don't really know when she was able to flip the other way because we always put her down on her stomach, but it wouldn't surprise me for it to have been really early, too. For a kid who's never been particularly physically dexterous (never athletic or anything), she was born amazingly strong.