30 June 2010

A Picture Story

So, as promised, I have finally returned and have lots of pictures to share!

Our Lovebug is getting so big!  She is really beginning to pudge out and she simply LOVES food.  She is also somewhat mobile.  Yesterday I watched her roll to retrieve a toy and she gets very angry if something is still out of reach despite all her rolling.

Sylvia got a backpack from Grandma a few weeks ago.  She cracks me up because she will want it put on her and then she will leave it on all day if I let her.  She is still not speaking much but she is as sharp as a whip.  She can follow "if, then" commands and her problem solving is simply amazing, and terrifying!  She continues to mimic what I do but it has gotten to be more complex things.  She tried putting a pair of pants on Babydoll, and this morning she nearly put on her own t-shirt.  She is now a relatively clean eater, having basically mastered her spoon and fork.  And despite her lack of words, she manages to communicate nearly everything she needs/wants with us very effectively.

A couple of weeks ago Sylvia and I met Heather and Alexis to go strawberry picking.  It was such a fun day!  We took a hayride to the plants and then we picked to our hearts content until the tractor came back to retrieve us.  Upon our return we got ice cream and strawberry plants to take home.  Then we walked to the barn and fed and pet a number of animals.  Sylvia had the best time and was a total wreck when I told her we had to go home.
They were very yummy berries!  At first Sylvia was really good about helping me pick them and put them in our basket but then she noticed that Alexis was eating them.  Suddenly, picking didn't seem as much fun and she indulged on the fresh from the vine berries instead!

This was the day before Father's Day.  We had my family get together then and we all sat around my dad while he shared stories of his father.  It was really neat and it was something that I was actually planning on asking him to do in the near future.  We never knew my dad's dad, not even my mom, so it was nice to hear my own father share his love for the father he had.

This was Dave and the girls on Father's Day.  He was so excited to be reading to his girls while both of them sat in his lap.  It was right before church and he hollered at me to get the camera so I could capture his special moment forever.
A dear friend of mine got these hilarious glasses for Veda.  They have owls that flip up (which is what you are seeing).  I made some "mommy cards" using this picture as the front, I thought it was so cute.

And here is Sylvia enjoying some of the fun aspects of summer-- playing in the water!  She had the best time and even kept pretty calm whenever the spray would get her.

My grandfather's home hosted "Country Days" last week and Mom and I took the girls for about an hour or so.  It was simply too hot to be there for any longer!  Sylvia saw several animals again and loved petting them all.
And the other thing this crazy girl insisted on doing was hug the trees.  Wherever we go she needs to hug the trees!

Just a couple of cute pics of Veda.  (And Sylvia has no idea her little sister was using her chair so don't tell her!)


barb said...

What wonderful photos of the girls. I love the photos of Sylvia with her little backpack. She looks like it is the most natural thing to be wearing. Darling. And Veta, is she every getting big. She looks like she is ready to read Sylvia a book sitting in the chair. Too cute.

Stepher said...

I think Veda is looking more like her big sister every day

What is an ice cream plant?

Need to find my older niece an Auntie loves me shirt

Did Daddy teach her to hug the trees?

Michelle said...

Oh my look at how big they are!

Good to see you are getting out and about!

Ria said...

Just left for 6 weeks and they are grown again already.
Love to have you back and see the pictures again. Did you get the USB-stick from Greg already?
Lots of love, Ria

Susan said...

I love that Sylvia is a tree hugger! You go, girl!