06 June 2010

Weekend Photographed

Veda got a new friend named Bruce.  And she loves him very much.  Big sister is jealous of Veda's new toy.
This is a posed shot.  I said, "Do you want your picture taken?" and she immediately stood in place with a big ol' grin and waited until after she saw the flash and heard the "click."  Yikes.
A parent's dream:  When asked if she wanted a snack, Sylvia ran to the fridge and pulled out the bag of vegetables.  She loves broccoli.  Don't believe me?  Check out the closeup:
She is a girl after my own heart.  I also love the stuff raw.  Dave just finds the whole thing rather icky.
Lady Bissell?  I have mentioned previously that Sylvia loves to help me vacuum.  Yesterday she hopped out of her bath and came running to assist me in my chore, no clothes necessary!
Yesterday was Veda's first real go at solid food.  The doctor originally wanted to wait until she was six months, but given her "petiteness" we were told to go ahead and begin trying now.  Sylvia was six or seven months before she had any real interest in the stuff.  Veda took to it immediately.  She is currently eating sweet potatoes (and will be for the next several days because of that whole allergy concern thing), and this morning she actually began to cry and fuss every time Dave took the spoon away to refill it.
Yummers.  She was quite pleased with her meal!
But the whole ordeal tuckered her out.  We gave her a bath and a bottle and she was soon out, and I mean OUT.  But isn't this one of the cutest pictures you've ever seen?
This is some of my most favorite yarn in the world.  Ria, Dave's "aunt" from the Netherlands, brought it over for me.  (Yes, they were here for another visit a couple of weeks ago.  I have been waiting to receive their pictures to get the best selection to share with everyone before posting about our wonderful time together.)  Alpaca has got to be one of the best fibres in existence.  It is stronger than sheep wool, is both warmer and cooler than sheep wool, has no lanolin (no itchiness factor), and comes in 16 recognized natural shades.  The skein to the left is an all natural, undyed yarn.  And have I mentioned that this stuff is soft?  I mean, it is really soft.  I am in love.


Stepher said...

That broccoli is some good stuff! Veda is super cute in her bumbo with the sweet potato all over her face. I'm glad she's taken to food. Love you all :)

JV said...

How cute! Once again, my daughter is the odd child out. Though she ate the rice cereal and some fruits (mostly bananas, pears, and pineapples) around 5 or 6 months, she HATED the veggies (kind of ironic that she's now a vegetarian, no?) and the meats. After tasting them, I couldn't blame her. Ick! I know they don't spice them up so they'll be bland enough for babies and also to avoid allergens, but they are at best flavorless.

So mine basically ate her solid foods off our plates, mashed up with forks or, in those pre-vegetarian days, shaved off the meats on our plates. She never really ate baby food at all. I've bought more since our chinchilla has been on a baby food regimen than I ever bought for her!

It's good that Veda is taking to it well, and it's super wonderful that Sylvia likes veggies! As a child, I liked several raw veggies but basically only corn, green beans, and potatoes cooked. If forced, I'd eat carrots cooked with a roast only and the occasional pea, though I didn't really like them.

I didn't get to the point of liking raw broccoli until I was older (early twenties, I guess), but it still made my eyes water to try to eat it cooked. Now I really like cooked broccoli, too (especially with cheese sauce), and I've expanded my tolerance for cooked veggies considerably. Still, I prefer raw cabbage, carrots raw or cooked with a roast, corn, and tomatoes and potatoes pretty much any way they can be fixed.

Too bad little Veda never seemed to want to make the switch to nursing, but I guess she just got used to bottles. Are you still pumping, or did that get to be too much for you with the two little ones to deal with?

barb said...

The girls are darling. My favorite, housecleaning in the nude. Do you think if I strip down my little ones, they will clean the entire house? It is tempting.

Stepher said...

Ha ha, in response to JVs barb's comment - I wonder if I strip Joe down to the nude if he would clean the house