25 June 2010

Coming Soon

I realize I may need to reintroduce myself it has been so long since I have last updated.  We have not had internet lately.  My life can get quite crummy without internet as so much of my social being is connecting with people "virtually."  This week, other than my husband, I did not see another adult human for four days.  So, I am thankful for the technology we have that can allow me to "talk" with others even if I can't see them, but I can go rather nuts when I no longer have this access. 

We do have a connection at present, but now I am struggling to merge my old computer with my new computer (which is housing all my newest pictures but cannot connect to the internet for some unknown reason).

Anyway, all of this rambling can be summed up in a simple plea:  Stay tuned.  I will post again soon with many adorable pictures included.


barb said...

So glad your computer is up and running, or should I say walking. Can't wait till the photos start appearing.

I will put the Foxy book in the mail on Monday. I am stranded this weekend without a car. Sarah and Weeza are in Leelanau at a wedding. I had to stay home to watch the dogs. So, I will head to the post office Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Stepher said...

Yea, more pictures on the way!!!