22 May 2010

Feeding the Old Man

I wanted to quickly share these pictures of Sylvia. She has really taken on a mother role lately, mimicking nearly everything I do. The other day she grabbed Statler (from The Muppets) and began feeding him. I just love that she is bottle feeding a doll that represents an old man!
She LOVES showing care and affection for anything that seems love-worthy.  Even if she can't physically touch or grab something she will give it an "air hug" and say "Awwww . . . "  Too cute.

And this is Sylvia with her "Boppy."  It is actually a pillow that is used to help prop up infants during belly time, but Sylvia doesn't know that.  It looks similar to Mom's Boppy, so this one must be hers!


Stepher said...

I can't believe there aren't any comments yet. Well, I'll comment!

I love Sylvia feeding her "elderly." Maybe she can help with Grandpa and Aunt Selma. I have two boppies, she can borrow one of mine if she doesn't want to haul one from Newaygo.

Give her a big kiss from her Auntie Stephie - I haven't seen her in a week.

Stepher said...

The middle picture is one of those that I continually pull up this web page just to look at. I love the sheer joy on her face!