14 January 2010

Thursday: A Day of Surprises

Sylvia watched a new show today. I think she was especially impressed with the super short man's shorts and the body hair. Her other surprises today included a morning trip to visit Great Grandpa with Oma, going out for dinner, and getting mail! At the end is a short clip of her finding her mail that was sent to her by a couple of my friends. She LOVES cards and pictures and stuff. She carries them all over the house with her.

Tomorrow she has even more surprises in store. In the morning she is going to a play date with the kids of a friend of mine. AND Daddy comes back for a visit tomorrow! She will be so excited to see him in the evening. I can't wait to see her little face light up when he walks through the door. Too bad she'll have to say goodbye again a couple of days later, but we'll enjoy the time we have.
And here Oma and the Pumpkin are showing off their snazzy p.j.'s. It's just bundles of fun around here!

This is the short video of the Pumpkin discovering a couple of stickers I set out for her from a whole bag full of them and a cute card. She took off with them and it was quite a while before I even got to read what the card said to her. Later, Oma helped her attach the stickers to her card. That made her quite happy.

Mama Update: I saw the doctor again yesterday. It was not a bad visit, but it wasn't a great visit either. The ultrasound showed a very happy and healthy Lovebug, and for that we cannot be more thankful. Amniotic fluid levels were up, but at the absolute bottom of the normal range. This is a very good thing, but it still warrants follow up. My blood pressure was also quite high yesterday and continued to be so even after lying on my side for a non stress test. From now until delivery I have two non stress tests, one ultrasound and at least one doctor appointment a week. That is a lot of time to spend at the doctor's office, but at least it provides me with a couple of outings each week!


JV said...

It's nice that Dave can come for the weekend. I'm sure that makes Sylvia happier and takes some pressure off you and your folks to entertain her. Who feeds your bird when he's gone?

Stepher said...

Always love the videos! Oma bought more pj's for Sylvia so they can continue to match.