02 January 2010

Sylvia's Photo Shoot(s)

Well, Sylvia is truly quite the ham in front of the camera. Twice in the past week or so she went and retrieved the camera herself and approached Dave or me to have us take her picture. The above two shots are from photo shoot no.1 done with Daddy. And, yes, the poor thing had her first cold sore right over Christmas. It is all healed now.

And these two pictures are from photo shoot no. 2 when she developed her own special "camera smile." The first shot she was moving back and forth, but her smile still came through. Ever since these pictures were taken she has continued with this posed expression:
That little chair was her Christmas gift from Santa Claus (Mom and Dad). She loves it as much as we were hoping she would. This particular morning she got up, walked out of her room with Hailey and promptly went to her chair to have a seat. She takes her books there, will eat her snack there (which she is not actually allowed to do, she is supposed to stay at her table) and will watch her occasional video there. It even comes with pockets on the sides for her books!

And she is walking all the time now! Today I don't think she started out crawling even once. Our days of crawling are quickly becoming a thing of the total past-- well, at least until Lovebug begins!

And Happy New Year to all!


Stepher said...

She sure is funny! I'm not too sure about this new camera face - it's funny what kids do. Can you believe how big she's getting? Tear. Every time you make a new post I miss her. I hope I get to see her once more before her cousin is born.

Lindsey said...

Boy isn't she in for a shock when all the other babies arrive! lol... it's funny she has a "Camera smile" considering everyone else in the family does! :D

*m* said...

Thanks for posting the "pose" pictures! They are so absolutely adorable! I love them. I think it shows a bit of a previously unseen mischevious (sp?) nature. hmm, maybe not mischevious - i don't know what the word is i'm looking for. maybe it shows a hint of her sense of humor? she seems like she could be a silly one . . . :)

Rachel said...

I think she is taking "cheese" seriously! Too cute!