01 May 2009

Six Month Checkup

Sylvia went in for her six month checkup on Tuesday. She looks great! In fact, the doctor said that she was the first healthy kid he had seen so far that week. Yay! Her stats were also wonderful: 16 pounds 6 ounces (50th-60th percentile), 26.5 inches long (75th percentile) and her head circumference was, I think, 16.5 inches (40th percentile). The doctor said that she is well proportioned and doing wonderfully for her age.

The shots didn't go so well this time, though. She had her initial cry and then she ceased, but then a minute later to continued to just wail. She developed a fever quite quickly and remained punk for another day. The poor girl. All is well now, though.

As a sidenote in regards to the comment that "parrot lover" left me on the last blog when I mentioned saying goodbye to Chloe: I can assure all of you that this was a well thought out decision and if Chloe were not such a personable and needy bird (meaning she spent her entire day out of her cage) we would have kept her. But as it was, she needed to be around us all the time and there was no option of putting her in her own room or leaving her in her cage and putting up guards. She would have been miserable. We firmly believe it was the best decision for HER to bring her to a new family. I am sorry if not everyone can see our point of view but I firmly believe this was the best decision for us and her. And we miss her terribly.


Stepher said...

First of all - glad the Pumpkin's so healthy!
Second - I love the pic! She looks like she has so much attitude there,
Third - hold cow! I don' know who Parrot Lover is but, quite frankly, I would like to punch her face in! Seriously! I hope you weren't too upset when you read the obnoxious comment by this girl who doesn't even know you.
I love you! I Know how much you loved Chloe, but I agree that she will be better off in a new home. That's what I try to remind myself about Alex as we search for a new home for him.

Ria said...

I completely agree with it.
You really loved Chloe and if there has been any possibility I know for sure Chloe was still with you. So don't take too much attention what that Jamie is writing on your blog.
I'm so happy Sylvia is doing so fine. She lookes so cute on the picture. It seems she has a way around her lips saying will I start crying or not. But she is really looking wonderfull.
Johan was just asking me, Mom when are we going to the US again?
Lots of love, Ria