28 May 2009

My Baby Girl Is Becoming a Little Girl

The other day I had to go shopping for pajamas for the Pumpkin. Sylvia needed twelve month p.j.'s because of how long she is, but I couldn't find any in the infant section. Everything stopped at nine months. Then I saw a tiny little toddler section of clothing and went over there to look. Sure enough-- there were the 12 month jammies. AND they were "real" little girl jammies, with separate pants and cute t-shirt.

My baby girl is becoming a little girl now. This makes me kind of sad.

In other milestones: She is sitting on her own for sometimes several minutes at a time. She can simultaneously hold an object in each hand and when she drops something she knows to look for it and pick it back up. Hard to believe how much has changed in such a short time.

Speaking of people growing up, my brother-in-law graduates from high school this weekend. This is also very strange to me as I have known him since before the sixth grade. Of course, my birthday is in only a couple of weeks and I suppose that I will also be a year older. Time keeps moving forward, doesn't it?

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