17 May 2009

Seven Months Already!

Sylvia is seven months today. It is just so hard to believe. To "celebrate" we met Uncle Chris at church and then went out for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, XO Asian Cuisine. Afterward we went back to Uncle Chris' apartment and talked while Sylvia napped. It was a very fun afternoon.

The Little Pumpkin can also nearly sit all by herself now. She can support herself for sometimes up to a minute or more before she topples over. She greatly enjoys this additional freedom and new view.


Stepher said...

Sylvia look so cute on "Uncle Chris"s lap. Does he still have the beautiful huge cats?

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! And Sylvia looks pretty darn good too!!! Ok, I'll admit it, she steal the show in this picture - it's adorable - feel free to crop me out of it if needed!

sheandeen said...

OMG--she is getting so big and she is adorable! Hope you are doing well.