10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! We rejoice in having you and feel blessed knowing you are part of our lives. This is my daughter and me at my scrapbooking weekend last weekend. I had such a great time and it was a pleasure having Dave stop by with Sylvia for a visit. He even took me out to lunch!

Sylvia continues to grow. She is eating plenty of solids now. It is like she finally figured them out and can now finish half a container of the Gerber 1st Foods without a problem. In general she is a veggies girl and has little interest in fruits-- and has a distinct dislike for bananas. Today she got an extra special treat from Oma and Opa; they gave her a little taste of cheesecake. She loved it!

She is also able to sit on her own for a brief period of time. She is trying so hard and I can tell she is getting frustrated at not being able to sit entirely by herself yet. It will only be a matter of days, I think.

These are all cute pictures of her I took before church this morning:

Yeah, we know. She's the cutest thing ever!


JV said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too! Love the pictures. I'm so sorry about the commenter. You didn't need that right now.

Lindsey said...

Yeah! I love my niece... she is SO cute! It was good to see you all today- even IF Sylvia decided to spit-up on me (GROSS)!


Susan Maerz said...

She sure looks precious! Hope you had a very happy Mother's Day. I want a chance to see those scrapbooks!

Suanne said...

aww, she is growing sooo fast
What a sweetie. Missed seeing you on scrapbook weekend! Happy belated Mommys Day!

Stepher said...

Dave surprised you on your scrapbook retreat. That is adorable! Sylvia looks like she came to surprise you in her expression.