22 April 2009

Saying Goodbye

In some good news we have been able to re-home two of the four kittens. This afternoon I took them, the two we have been calling Abbot and Angelo, to Dave's office and a wonderful woman named Eileen took them home to add them to her household. So, two down and two more to go! (Plus we are looking to get rid of some of the other cats in addition to the kittens. Are you sure there are no takers out there???)

In some very sad goodbye news, we had to say goodbye to our Timneh African Grey Parrot, Chloe, a few weeks ago. I have been so torn up about this that I haven't even been able to write about it until now. Chloe is just so protective of her cage area (and there is nothing wrong with that behaviour). The problem is that with Sylvia crawling pretty soon she would not realize that we leave Chloe's cage area alone. Dave and I saw a potentially bad situation emerging where Sylvia would pull herself by Chloe's cage and Chloe would get scared and bite a finger . . . And so, we brought Chloe to a wonderful parrot store and they promised to find her a really good home. I truly hope they do.

We love that bird and miss her so much. She was a good bird and she was always good for a laugh. One of her favorite things was to make this joke: We would ask her, "What's a chicken say?" And she would respond with "Meow" or "Ruff" or some other incorrect answer. She thought this was so funny and would laugh hysterically after performing this joke. We really do miss her.

But sometimes the right thing to do in life is say goodbye.


Lindsey said...

Yes... I know about saying goodbye when you don't want to, but know it's for the best- one of the hardest things in life. But you made a wise decision, and you can hold onto that knowledge!

Stephanie said...

Aww Chloe.
So sorry.
My car is almost fixed, so that means a visit is in order soon!

Stepher said...

Love you!!!

Ria said...

That is the same way our Bobo got into our house (29 years already) because the people where he stayed first got a baby also. Bobo is not used to get out of his cage, so with Johan for us it was alright.
But we loved Chloe and I know you made a wise decision.
Lots of love, Ria

Parrot Lover said...

You don't know me. I don't know you. I'm glad I don't know you. I happened upon your blog and quite frankly it pissed me off. You have this parrot that you obviously had before the child came. People who get rid of their parrot simply because its easier getting rid of it then taking care of a parrot and child at the same time are simply selfish. Would you "get rid of" an older child simply because a new baby is in the picture? Tossing your parrot was nothing short of selfish and plain lazy. You say you were worried about little fingers getting bitten. Have you ever heard of putting up a border around the bird's cage so that the child no matter what age, cannot get near the parrot? Have you ever thought about putting the parrot in another room such as your own room? The fact that you disposed of your parrot simply because you're afraid for your child's fingers, is pure selfishness. I don't buy it. I don't think that's the reason you discarded your parrot. I believe you are lazy and didn't want to take care of both a needy parrot and a baby. Easy out? Simple- get rid of the parrot. You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you discard a family member. You are the most selfish, lazy and thoughtless bunch I've ever read about. I hope your child does not inherit your sense of selfishness in his/her life. Shamful. Really. God bless your poor lonely heartbroken abandoned parrot. -Jamie

April said...

Holy freakin' cow! Jamie, you are being so self-righteous and are the one who should be ashamed of yourself!!!! You don't live in their home and deal with their everyday life, so until you walk a mile in their particular shoes, you should keep your opinions to yourself. I've seen too many parents show 'favor' for their pets than over their children. And that's not how God intended it. At least they've been responsible enough to do what's best for both their precious child and the parrot they love. Plus, they're heartbroken enough about giving up their pet, and you just heep on more guilt. What a human being you are.... :-/

Val, I am sorry that you are going through this hard time and that some ignorant moron is making this worse for you. Know you are loved and that you did the right thing!!!!!