11 April 2009

Eating my Feet and Rolling Over While Sneezing

For starters, the Little Pumpkin has a cold. The poor thing is sneezing all the time and that little nose is running like crazy! Her eyes are droopy and she even has a sore spot on the one eye from all that watery goop coming out. Poor thing.

But her spirits have been good. She loves to "eat" her feet:
And today marked a milestone: She finally rolled from back to front while awake! She has done this many times when she is sleeping, but today was the first time she did it and was aware of what she was doing. She was so proud of herself:
And finally, she is just the cutest thing ever and I wanted to post a picture to prove that:


Anonymous said...

She is, without a doubt, a living doll!

*m* said...

definitely the cutest thing ever!