24 August 2008

Passing Time

There has been little to "report" as of late. No new information on Sylvia, Dave begins his new job tomorrow, and I continue to be pregnant. I had my "family" baby shower yesterday and was spoiled rotten, and even received a phone call from Ria in the Netherlands!

Otherwise, that really is about it for our lives right now. We are just passing time until something more happens. We are REALLY hoping, though, that the upcoming "something more" will be very positive! We did, however, see this very cool walking stick insect on our kitchen window yesterday morning:

Aren't they super cool looking?!?! I have no idea what he was doing on our window, but it gave us something to look at while eating breakfast.


Ria said...

And I wished I could have been there in person, but it was wonderfull to have you on the phone.
We love you all three very much.
I hope David will enjoy his new job.
Lots of love.

Lindsey said...

Wow... watching a stick while you eat! You ARE bored! j/k! Hope Dave's first day on the job went well!

babystephanie said...

Cool bug!!