05 August 2008

Baby Names and Mommy Ailments

Not ailments, really, more like pregnancy nuisances. Yesterday I had my 28 week check-up. First, I drove all the way to Holland (a solid hour or more from our home). I arrived and checked in and was told that I needed to reschedule. My doctor got called in for an emergency C-section. Obviously, this if far more important than my visit, but it is frustrating nonetheless. It was also my glucose test yesterday-- where I had to drink a VERY sugary beverage and then receive a finger prick upon arriving at the doctor's office. This test looks at both iron and glucose levels. They were able to still prick my finger and then inform me that I failed both tests. My iron was much too low and my glucose was much too high. Tomorrow morning I have my glucose screening at the hospital. This is an over three hour test and it will determine just how badly my system is off and what kind of gestational diabetes I have. I also received a prescription for iron. (And, yes, I have been taking my prenatal vitamins. This kind of thing just happens to some pregnant women.)

The potential good news to all of this is that once my glucose and iron levels are under control hopefully I will be less exhausted and less confused. My confusion has been very bad lately. I can't get dates, times, directions, etc., right for the life of me! This is so unlike me and I know that pregnancy does result in losing one's mind, but this seemed rather extreme to me.

And, far more exciting news: Dave and I were originally going to wait until after our daughter was born to reveal her name, but with all the concerns we have had regarding her health and after receiving such a positive report last week we decided that we wanted everyone else to have the opportunity to get to know her a little better and be able to connect with her a little more. And so . . . Our daughter's name is Sylvia Christine Ertman Trowbridge.

Sylvia: A name I heard when I was very small (maybe four or five), and I have loved it ever since. Dave likes it too.

Christine: I was named after my Grandma Ertman. She always wanted a daughter and I was the first Ertman granddaughter she had, so I received her middle name, Christine. Our daughter is also a first Ertman granddaughter, so we thought it would be appropriate to continue the name.

Ertman: This is a second middle name. We wanted to include my last name, but did not want to hyphenate.

Trowbridge: Her daddy's last name, and our family name.

And so, there you have it!


babystephanie said...

I love it!
I can't play guessing games anymore.

See you Saturday!!

Lindsey said...

I hope you start feeling better soon! Are those the first tests EVER you've failed? haha... and, as I've already stated, I LOVE her name! :D

Christopher0614 said...

Don't lie - you wanted to name your child after me, so you chose the feminine of Christopher for her middle name - I have to say I'm very flattered! :)