19 August 2008

My Super Power

Yes, I am a Super Hero. Kind of. At least, for the duration of my pregnancy. As many of you know a lot of weird things happen to a woman during pregnancy, and I mean, there is some REALLY weird stuff that goes on. But for now I will talk about only one: The Super Smeller. I can smell anything. According to a former co-worker of Dave's, a pregnant woman in her last trimester can smell 200x more than a non-pregnant female.

Saturday we were driving to Grand Rapids to meet my parents at the zoo. On the way down we got caught in traffic on I-131. In our one lane of slow moving traffic, the car in front of us housed a smoker. His windows were open only the "smoker's slit" and our windows were closed. And yet, the smoke from this car ahead of us was nauseating to me! I couldn't stand it, and I was getting so angry at all smokers. For those of you who know me, you know that smoking is something that I find to be absolutely disgusting (and for those friends of mine who are smokers, please keep in mind that I do love you dearly). I started ranting and raving at Dave about how disgusting this was and why did this rude man have to be smoking right in front of us . . .

Dave, bless his heart, simply nodded and agreed with me. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that he revealed that he didn't smell a thing. Even after I mentioned the awful smoke aroma he said he still wasn't sure he even got the slightest whiff of it.

The Super Smeller at its finest!


Lindsey said...

That is great! I love Dave for many reasons, and one is just that, he goes along with just about anything! He's so sweet- perfect for ya! You have the "super smeller" like Gus on Psych! AWESOME!!!!

Sigrid said...

haha! this is soooo true!

You look great for 32 weeks! only 2 more months! : )