12 August 2008

1.5 Weeks in Pictures

We have been VERY busy the last couple of weeks, so I thought it would be best to simply upload some pictures and give a line or two of detail:
This is Albus. Two weeks ago he showed up at our doorstep looking rather sad. Upon taking him to the vet we learned that at two years of age he weighed only 4.75 pounds. Since coming inside and experiencing some love (and food!) he weighed in at 6.2 pounds last Friday.
This is my cousin, Jonathan, and his wife, Heather. Jonathan is a Captain in the Army and just finished his second tour in Iraq. They stayed with us for a week and a half and left yesterday morning. We did all kinds of stuff together.
This is my baby shower from August 2. I look quite happy in this picture, which makes sense because it was a lovely afternoon. My friend, Keeley, throws the best parties ever!
This is the whole gang except Heather, who was taking the picture.
My mom being silly (she's the one who put the frog on my head). And, I am getting HUGE!
Family reunion, and yes, we are playing with My Little Ponies.
This is Autumn. She showed up last week, cute and affectionate as can be. Saturday night she suddenly became VERY sick and we thought for sure we were going to lose her over the weekend. We nursed her with antibiotics for her eyes and some oral, as well as hand feeding and today this is what she looked like. Eyes are much clearer, she is up and moving around, and is eating and drinking completely on her own.
The final night with Jonathan and Heather here. We had a lovely bonfire and roasted marshmallows and made smores. Great time!
The last week or so I also: Went to the Grand Rapids Public Museum and saw my first planetarium show, went to the John Ball Park Zoo, and did a few other activities with Jonathan and Heather. I also went to the Antique Roadshow this past Saturday with my friend, Stephanie. Pretty neat experience, but not one I would do again while over seven months pregnant. I spent far too much time on my feet!


M said...

Dude, baby shower?! Well, I guess I'd better mail my gift. *laugh*

If you get it before the kid comes out, good enough, yeah?

Ria said...

You all like wonderfull and I just love to read your blog. Please can you send me the pictures about the babyshower to my email? I can't get them correctly of the blog.
Lots of love, Ria