02 March 2010

Sylvia's Bumblebee

Last week Sylvia and I were sitting together on our green chair. She suddenly looked at me, held up her finger, and said "Bzzzzz!" I have no idea what made her think of this at that moment, but she had never done it before. She has a couple of books with a bumblebee in it and we do the standard "Bzzzz!" and then attack her with our finger. I guess she figured out how to do it herself! Ever since, whenever we ask to see her bumblebee or for her to do her bumblebee she responds with the cutest sounds and gesture, as you can see in the videos (both taken today).

I'll be back soon with some adorable pictures.


Stepher said...

Love the bee! She is, as Oma wold say, such a goose!

Stephanie said...

Too cute!!

barb said...

HAHAHAHAHA, adorable!