27 February 2010

Grey Skies, But Sunny Smiles

Today was a great day. Today was the first day I stepped foot out of the house in two weeks. Today was the day that I was alone for the second time in two months. Today was the day that I drove for the fourth time in two months. And today is the day that my littlest honey turned one month.

Dave stayed home with the girls while I went out by myself for a couple of hours. I cannot begin to express how wonderful this was for my well being. I have the most marvelous husband! And in my venture out I even found a diaper bag that is very nearly large enough for all the accoutrements two very small girls require. (Thank you, Stephanie!)
I have the two most wonderful and adorable girls in the world and thus far they seem to be getting along pretty well. Sylvia stays happy so long as Mama's lap is big enough for her too!
Last weekend the girls received a visit from Great Grandpa and Grumpy. Four generations coming together is always a neat experience. (And I cannot believe I got this good of a picture with one toddler, one infant and one man over 90 present!)
This is our little Veda. She continues to be doing amazingly well. Her little face is filling out and she no longer looks like a newborn. I attached the mobile to her swing this week, as she is finally beginning to look around and study her world, and time will tell, but our Lovebug may be a redhead!

As for my dead computer . . . Well, my files were rescued and my machine was temporarily fixed. Five days later it is dead again. Such sadness. And until I get a new computer my wonderful photo software (that organizes all my pictures and allows me to crop and edit) is gone with it. And so, I offer my apologies now for my upcoming posts that will be scant in photo content.

I have more stories, and maybe some more pictures to go with them, but for now it is time to say goodnight.


Stepher said...

Great picture of Veda. You're right, she is no longer looking like a newborn. Does it make you sad? It was very nice seeing you on Friday. I love spending time with you and the girls. I was thinking that poor Daxton may have to suffer like Nathan did when he comes to play.

barb said...

The top photo of Sylvia and Veda, FABULOUS!

JV said...

Does Sylvia call Dave's dad "Grumpy"? My DD called my dad "Grumpaw" most of the time. (It was not descriptive of his personality, as Dad was virtually always in a good mood and full of corny jokes and pranks.)