19 February 2010

A Death in the Household

There has been a death in the household. Wednesday morning my computer died. It had not been happy for some time and hopefully it's passing was peaceful and serene. At least, it suffers no longer. Sadly, it may have taken some valuables with it to the grave: A year's worth of pictures that have not been backed up and a slew of knitting patterns.

I was just thinking on Monday that I really needed to back up my pictures, beginning from last March. I had let it slide for far too long. Well, I didn't act quickly enough. Our deceased household member is currently residing with "Uncle" Phil, whom we are hoping can extract these valuable files. Hopefully we can get a status update later this weekend.

And I had just loaded a bunch of adorable pictures of the girls Tuesday night in the hopes of posting a wonderful new blog entry on Wednesday. The girls were in their Valentine outfits on Sunday and we headed down to my folks' for the afternoon. They were too cute, especially Sylvia in her little cupcake dress and pink tights. And Veda sported an adorable outfit from Oma Ria on Tuesday that I got a couple of great pictures of her wearing it. Sigh.

As a general update, we are doing pretty well here. This past week Veda has been acting more and more like a "normal" newborn. She has periods of wakefulness (and not just a couple of minutes here and there). She makes more noise, and has begun a consistent feeding schedule on her own (no more having to force feed her). On Wednesday of this week both of our girls had "birthdays." Sylvia turned sixteen months and Veda three weeks (and my nephew, Dax, turned four weeks).

Yesterday was originally slated to be Veda's birthday. I was due for surgery at 7:00 a.m. Our little Lovebug, however, had been very determined to have a January birthday. I am just thankful that it proved to be the 27th and not the 5th of that month. Things are only just now beginning to "catch up" with me: Realizing that we are at the end of February already, I am no longer pregnant, Veda is already several weeks old, and that Christmas and New Year have been done and over for quite some time already. The last eight weeks or so have been one giant blur.

Sylvia continues to be a little helper for Mama. Her newest thing is she has begun to help me burp the baby. She will whack her little hand against Veda's back-- often much harder than I will. And she has even whacked out a burp or two! She is sometimes really good about retrieving things I ask for: Veda's pipe, her hat, bottle, etc. But this comes and goes and I cannot really rely on Sylvia to actually get what I need.

Well, I need to go. Sylvia just brought me a book to read to her!


EllenToo said...

So hope your "Uncle"Phil can extract those valuables, especially the pictures as I would imagine them to be the most precious things. Glad to hear that Veda is being more like a "normal" newborn and that Sylvia is being helpful rather that resentful.
Thanks for the birth announcement.

Stepher said...

Major bummer about the computer :( Will you be getting a new one? Anyway, hope you're all doing well. It was fun seeing Veda awake for more than two minutes on Wednesday.