08 February 2010

Two Week Check & Playing Outdoors

Veda went in for her two week wellness check this afternoon. We saw the new doctor today and we really like her. She spent a lot of time with us and was very kind. I liked her so much that I changed Sylvia's 18 month check to be with her and for Veda's 2 month check to be with her as well.

Veda has a very slight "pop" in her left hip, and while the doctor doesn't want to do an ultrasound or anything else at this point, she wants to be sure to pay special attention to it at two months. If she still hears the "pop" then we will have to do some further analysis. But no real worries yet. Veda also has several birthmarks: Above each eyelid, on the bridge over her nose and at the base of her neck. The eyelid splotches should clear by around 18 months, the one in between her eyes will take a bit longer but should be faded before kindergarten. The one on the back of her neck, well, it could be 18 months, a few years or maybe it will never fully fade. Time will tell.

Veda's stats compared to other two week old girls: She weighed in at 6 pounds and 4 ounces (5-10th percentile), measured at 19" (5-10th percentile), and her head was 13 1/3" (10-25th percentile). It seems very strange to have a child measuring below the 10th percentile and to have it be "okay." But as she started out premature, these stats are actually very good for her. Because she is so little and because she is still several weeks developmentally behind other newborns and because she came in the middle of winter we were strongly advised by her doctor to not take her out for the next three months. So, no church, no large family gatherings, nowhere where germs may reside and absolutely no visitors with even a hint of a cold. It could be a very long three months!

Sylvia had a lot of fun this past weekend. She spent more time "helping" with Lovebug and even got to play outside with Daddy both Saturday and Sunday. This is a new activity for her and she LOVES it! It is rather fun to watch her toddle around outdoors. She is in her chunky snowpants, boots that are a little too large, and she is trying to maneuver through snow on uneven ground. Spills happen often! She loves to touch every tree (and we have A LOT of them!), and she has even gathered snow while sitting on the ground. While her outdoor stints are short, she comes in with a huge smile on her face and an exhaustion level to match!
What a bath does to a newborn:

Like virtually all newborns, Veda does not appreciate being bathed. This picture is from her last bath and I just love the expression on her face and the wild hair on top of her head. One thing that has been kind of fun these last several days is we are finally beginning to see Veda in a wakeful state for more than a minute or two at a time. It is really nice to see our baby beginning to explore her world. Babies are amazing.


EllenToo said...

I would say that in the picture of Veda after her bath she looks mad at you. She and Sylvia are both really precious. Glad to hear Veda is doing well.

Ria said...

It is a wonderfull picture of Sylvia and Veda together.
Lots of love, Ria

Stepher said...

Veda is such a sweetie - love the last pic of her. Give my Sylvia a kiss for me - I miss not seeing her (and you) as often.

Stepher said...

I hang my head in shame. I was so proud of the cake I made for Little Miss Sylvia but then I checked out Nicki VanSlooten's Percy the train cake. It's amazing! You have very talented friends.

barb said...

The little girls are just precious. What a blessing. Sylvia looks like such a good big sister.
Birth marks are a sign of royalty. Princess Veda's are so common. 6 of my cousins/friends babies had HUGE spots that disappeared the first year. However, my daughter had red spots on the back of her hairline from attached monitors pre-birth. At 35, she still has hers. But, her hair covers them, even with a ponytail. She actually loves her sign of Royalty.