17 March 2010

St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everyone! It was a rather ho-hum sort of day around here. The morning was rough: Everyone needed me at the same time, everyone pooped at the same time (including the cats), everyone needed to eat at the same time (including me but, of course, I get to wait until last), and everyone was a little fussy. Around 2:00 things leveled out and the rest of the day was actually rather pleasant.
Sylvia wore her special green duds and even brushed her hair to make herself extra attractive for this festive day.
Veda wore her green outfit, even if it wasn't especially "St. Patrickish." She is finally beginning to outgrow newborn clothing, but some of those 0-3 month pieces are still quite large on her, including today's outfit. (Those footies contain no feet!)
This afternoon Veda and I played while Daddy and Sylvia went for a walk outside. It was another gorgeous day up here and the Little Pumpkin is loving her time outdoors. Last year she was afraid of grass. This year thus far, that fear seems to be a thing of the past. I suspect we will have lots of fun this summer!

Last week an old family friend asked me what I do. Aside from the obvious, watching my girls and trying to run the house, I really came up short in my answer. I am so very busy with these two girls and chores that I don't get to "do" much for myself. So, this got me thinking: What exactly do I do for pleasure?
I am on a free sample kick and will spend my spare moment or two surfing the web looking for freebies. This is what came in the mail for me today. Today's haul was especially good!
And I still do a lot of reading but it has kind of taken a different form. Other than the obvious interest displayed, it is generally things that can be put down on a moment's notice. And so, knitting magazines are a favorite (and more are desired, so if you happen to have any . . . ), and knitting instruction books are great reads too! And when I do have enough time to read for fifteen plus minutes consecutively, then I read my typical murder mystery or romance. And someday when my brain power can be used for thinking again then I will return to my more "academic" reading. (I wonder if that day will ever truly come . . .)
While my reading is widely knitting related, my actual knitting looks more like this. That is not quite true. I have three ongoing projects right now. This is extremely rare for me, as I tend to knit one project at a time. But somehow I ended up with these three projects and have been slowly (very slowly) working on them for the last six weeks or so.
And, yes, I am currently watching a lot of television. We don't have satellite or anything so it is all on dvd. Netflix started as a one month gift from a fabulous friend and we loved it so much that, despite not being able to really afford it, we continue to keep the subscription. It has been a lifesaver. Baby Einstein is in there intentionally. It is part of my daily viewing. Feedings have become very difficult as Sylvia insists on trying to push her sister out of my lap or simply sitting on her to reclaim the spot. Videos have become a necessity and she only intently watches Baby Einstein. Call me a horrible parent, but I would rather let her watch twenty minutes of a video than squash her baby sister.

That's what I "do."

In closing, I will leave you with a very sweet story:

This is how I found Veda Friday morning. I had been washing dishes in the kitchen and when I came back into the living room I found Veda with these two baby toys on either side of her. They were lovingly put there by her big sister.


Stepher said...

Oh, I miss you and the girls! Mom said you're meeting Tammi for a haircut tomorrow so I can hopefully see you all then.
Tara said with her girls the jealously ended after about two months, so hopefully that's the case with your girls. I miss having Sylvia over here. I pulled out the toys for Molly to play with and frowned realizing Sylvia hasn't come to play since right after Dax was born. Oh well, seasons change. I got a lovely new niece to dote on now :)

Tamela said...

How incredibly sweet of Sylvia to share her baby toys with Veda. Looking at that picture brought a smile to my face. Well, actually, looking at any pics of my grandbabies puts a smile on my face!

Lindsey said...

I LOVE that Sylvia is such a "big sister" already- pushing her sister off the chair, but watching out for her- giving her toys! LOL... What fun!