05 March 2010

Veda Speaks

Hi! This is Veda, the littlest member of my family (although, I think a cat or two may be smaller and that tiny bird on top of the entertainment center is definitely smaller). See that guy lying next to me? That's my cousin, Daxton. He was born just one week ahead of me, so we're pretty "tight." (I don't know what that means but Mama said that because we were born so close together we will probably be pretty tight growing up-- Hmmm . . . Our clothes will never fit?)
Anyway, he is a pretty interesting guy. I got to see him earlier this week. Mama woke up at 7:30 in the morning and she got busy getting me and my sister ready. We were pulling out of our driveway at 10:52 a.m. Mama said something like, "Good grief! It only took three and a half hours."
There was something very neat over there, but I don't remember what it was.
And here I am trying to twist my body so it looks like I am as big as he is. It is called an optical illusion. Is it working?
Okay. This picture is very special. Do you see that sweater I am wearing? Well, my Great Grandma knit that sweater a very long time ago. Oma said that she thinks Great Grandma was making it for one of Oma's siblings, but no one was ever little enough to wear it. Until me. I think I make it look good! Mama said that Great Grandma must have been knitting it for me; she just didn't know it at the time. Mama also said that it would be like her knitting something now that would one day be worn by one of my grandchildren. Wow!

I love my Oma very much and I am sure that I would have loved my Oma's mama just as much.


Michelle said...

Oh so sweet! That last picture in particular makes me tear up!

EllenToo said...

Love the pictures and Veda's commentary but just you wait until she starts talking for real and then tries to out talk Sylvia. LOL

barb said...

Oh my gosh!!! Veda is beautiful. She looks like a little doll. And that sweater, it fits her like it was made especially for her.
I hope you live close to your cousin. Veda and Daxton
will grow up having so much fun. Sylvia can teach them all her tricks.

Stepher said...

I love Veda in her sweater! My favorite pic is the one of Dax and her looking to the left (our right). So cute!

Ria said...

Oh great, she is looking so cute in all the outfits.
At least I did take the good size she can wear now.
And the sweater is adorable.
Lots of love, Ria

Stepher said...

Love the optical illusion.