06 December 2008

Seven Weeks and Snowing

Here is her seven week picture. Isn't she cute? She is getting so big! We weighed her this morning (on a not very accurate scale, mind you) and she came in at almost ten pounds. If I can figure out how to weigh her on my postal scale then we will get a very accurate weight. She coos and smiles and can stare at herself in a mirror for quite a while now. I think she is even beginning to really recognize who Daddy and Mama are.

Her onesie says, "Is it too late to be good?" We tell her yes, despite the fact that we already have all her Christmas presents.

Today Dave and I were supposed to go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We have movie passes and were going to try and find an economical dinner somewhere (we're kind of poor). This was also supposed to be my day of "freedom." I love my daughter but being cooped up with her in a house in the middle of nowhere all week gets to be kind of a lot. Sadly, we woke up and looked out the window and were disheartened to see that we did indeed get the predicted snow and it is continuing to fall. We are snowbound. We also need to find someone who plows by us and for a reasonable fee or else Dave won't be going to work on Monday.

These are pictures I took of our place earlier this week after a fresh snowfall. It is absolutely stunning in beauty, but brutal in isolation.


Stephanie said...

I love snow covered trees. Nice to look at, fun in theory, but awful for driving. I hope you are able to escape soon!!
Check Craig's List for plowing in your area, you never know, you could even post that you are looking for someone, everyone is eager to make a few extra bucks these days.
Sylvia is, as always, adorable.

Andrea said...

She keeps getting cuter! I'm just catching up now on all your posts-and wow, a ginger just like daddy, eh?

Stephanie said...

Have I mentioned that I love your baby and she is the cutest baby in the whole wide world?