10 December 2008


Dave loves being a dad. The other night I caught him and Sylvia "dancing the night away" together. It was too cute.
I think Sylvia even kind of liked it. She didn't cry in protest and for her that is saying something!

In other news we have snow. LOTS of snow! Our neighbor did an unofficial measurement but we have 18" on our porch. Because of how our house is positioned I had to go out after 10:00 p.m. last night and shovel our front door free there was so much snow. The weather people say that we should get a break now, and I hope so. At least, for a while. We did, however, find someone to plow our driveway. He was the cheapest we found by a long shot, but it is still quite a bit of money . . . Alas, a not-so-nice "perk" to living in the middle of nowhere.

And in Sylvia news, and news I am hesitant to share for fear that it will "jinx" us, Sylvia has been sleeping 6+ hours at night! She is cranky from about 8-12 but then after that she is out until 6 or 6:30. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a quiet house for almost the entire night. Next week Friday is her two month check-up (two months already!) and her first shots. I am not looking forward to that experience. I cannot stand hearing my baby cry. It just breaks my mommy heart.


Suanne said...

How awesome! Now that is what "happy" looks like! Good job, Valerie, for being an on the spot journalist and photographer.
Thanks for sharing!

Sigrid said...

the shots aren't so bad... Judah just got his 4 month shots. He screamed like he was dying for about 5 seconds, then I nursed him and he was fine. Give her tylenol before you go (just make sure you tell them that you gave it to her-- some Docs give tylenol before they vaccinate), have a pacifier for her to suck while she's getting the shots and then give her a bottle right away after and she'll be fine. it is much harder on the mommies than on the babies! Bring your own little band aids or ask them not to put any on... those huge big-people band aids they put on their thighs are terrible to pull off. good luck!