19 December 2008

A New First

There are lots of firsts in a baby's life. Sylvia's first this week was illness. Out little pumpkin has a horrendous cold. She is so stuffed up and her cough-- Oh, her cough! It breaks her mama and daddy's hearts. This picture was taken yesterday during her happiest period of the day. I was able to play with her frog and "Ba" and make her smile a bit. Otherwise, the last couple of days have been spent in misery. The poor little pumpkin! I can just hear her thinking, "Mama, why can't you fix it? When I am hungry, you feed me. When I am wet, you change me. Now there is something really wrong with me and you aren't doing anything!"

Sylvia turned two months this past Wednesday. I was hoping to get some really cute two month birthday shots, but she was just too sick. And so, no two month birthday shots and no nine week birthday shots (today is nine weeks since her birth!).

I was supposed to take Sylvia to her two month check-up today. She was scheduled to get her first shots, but I was planning on rescheduling the shots, as she is miserable enough with the cold. No need to add salt to the wound. But when we woke up this morning we couldn't even open our front door there was so much snow! And for most of the morning and early afternoon I couldn't even see the pond in our own front yard the whiteout was so bad. And so, we canceled her appointment all together.

Tomorrow is Sylvia's first Christmas family event. Hopefully she'll be feeling better and can "enjoy" the day.

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