22 December 2008

Merry Christmas To All!

Sylvia is finally feeling much better. This morning we were talking together and she was just so happy. I simply had to take some pictures. Almost every single shot I took she was smiling. It was too cute. She is too cute. Her multicolored giraffe came from the Dutch family and the colors match her nursery perfectly. Other "big" news is that I washed all her 3-6 month clothing today and boxed most of her 0-3 month. She is a little small in weight for the 3-6 but she is so long, so I decided to say goodbye to the smaller size and start her on the larger. My, how time flies!

And from our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe and warm and enjoy this blessed holiday.


Stepher said...

Love, love, love the newest pics! What a great smile she has! Can't wait to see her again on Christmas morn.

hauchfamily said...

Adorable! The most wonderful Christmas gift - a healthy, smiling baby!

SUSAN said...

She has such an adorable smile!

Lindsey said...

Oh Oh Oh... which present under that tree is MINE?! haha... Sylvia IS adorable- but I think you know I think that already! I love those pics though- SO CUTE!

Ria said...

Opa Willem is proud to see her picture with his chosen animal!!!!
Merry Christmas to all of you also and Johan says "Wow" because of Sylvia has grown so much since he held her and all that snow.

Lots of love, Ria