25 May 2008

Yard Work and Landscaping

So, we now have about five acres of land that need to be tended to. Of course, only about 1.5 acres of that are wood-free. And, really, how hard can 1.5 acres be, right? Well, I thought I would include some pictures of our yard. The front is littered with trees and a pond and the back is, well, just HUGE. With tomorrow being Memorial Day (my favorite holiday) we are having a few people up for a visit and a chance to roast some marshmallows. Of course, this means we need to build a fire pit before they arrive. That is Dave's job today. (By the way, the fire pit will be located off from the view you get in the pictures.)

My job? Well, I would like to say that being the pregnant woman I am my job is simply to watch and coach my hubby from the sidelines. But, honestly, do you think I would be satisfied with just doing that? No, my job for the day is to clean out the flower beds in the front and plant flowers in them. We bought a rake and some gardening tools (and flowers!) yesterday so I could do just that. Of course, we forgot to buy planting soil and we don't have a watering can or any Miracle Grow, but hey, it's our first gardening venture, right? (And I am doing all this on the one day that hosts my favorite sporting event: The Indy 500.)

Stay tuned for the results!

And . . . Happy Memorial Day to all!

P.S. Chloe just yelled at us, "Pretty bird!" To which we replied, "Yes, Chloe, you are a pretty bird." And what did she say in return? "Yeah, I'll say."


Ria said...

Oh for sure, this is needing tulips and daffodils in Spring!!
It is looking marvelous.
Lots of love,

babystephanie said...

I love all the trees, it's lovely.
I can't wait to visit!!

Lindsey said...

Haha... Chloe is a little conceited I think! I hope your gardening venture went/goes well. Good luck!