29 May 2008

Completed Projects

So, Dave and I did manage to build the fire pit and clean out the flower beds on Sunday. We spent hours upon hours working but the end results are good. I forgot to take pictures of Dave's fire pit, but it looks nice (it is some rocks in a circle) and it works great! We had a nice fire going Monday evening. My gardening project was quite the undertaking. The entire side of the house and flowerbeds were underneath mounds of old leaves and debris. But, once cleared, the planting was easy and I think it doesn't look half bad. (The flower bed extends around the side of the house as well.)

In other, and far more important news, the basic genetic tests of the amnio came back and everything looks normal! We do not yet know about Dave's disease or her heart, but at this point she is proving to be a healthy baby girl. We couldn't be happier or feel more blessed.


*m* said...

YAY for healthy so far! i'm praying for you! :) em

babystephanie said...

It's Eleanor isn't it?

Ria said...

It is wonderfull to read your bloggings and to hear about you and David.
Lots of love, Ria

Lindsey said...

Yeah!!! The pit and garden do look lovely!