31 May 2008

Purchases Big & Small

Our couch and chair have finally arrived! It feels so good to actually have a living room that we can, well, live in. And the furniture is SO comfortable-- just what this pregnant woman needs!

AND this is the very first outfit that I purchased specifically for our daughter. It doesn't show up real well in the photograph, but it is green with Winnie the Pooh. Very cute. She will have to grow into it, but by late next spring or summer she should be ready for it. We can't wait. (And for all you people who insist on guessing our daughter's name: We are NOT revealing that information!!! And, no, it is not Eleanor or Emily or Stephanie or Wendy . . .)


*m* said...

adorable! and i love your living room furniture. it looks really good. i wish i had a camera so i could show you my room, you'd laugh! its very bare, but very clean. :) em

Lindsey said...

Wow... furniture? WHAT is THAT? haha... I'm glad it came, I'm assuming everything went smoothly with puting it in the room! Did the delivery people have issues finding the house!? haha... and I didn't mean to pry today, if ya don't wanna tell us her name that's fine by me. I actually sorta forgot you weren't saying! haha... I just thought it would be cute to have the first letter of her name in her room, there were some really cute large wooden block letters at Meijer that would look good in the nursery. Wow, this got long! Anyway, glad everything is going well!

Catie said...

I love your house and the land!!! What a peaceful place to live!

babystephanie said...

I will not stop guessing her name.
Although I am fairly certain I was right when I guessed Stephanie and you are just being coy. :p