17 May 2008

Blogging Has Begun!

At the advice of a few friends of mine I have decided to begin a blog to keep everyone updated on all the changes happening in our lives right now. The largest of which includes our coming family member: Our baby will be born in October. We are currently 17 weeks into the pregnancy and if I can manage to add it, included will be a picture of me and baby at 16 weeks.

Dave is currently working for the Grand Rapids Medical and Education Research Center for Health Professionals. I nanny for two small boys and am busy "setting up house." A few weeks ago we moved into our first home. We gave up the inner-city life of Grand Rapids and moved to the far more rustic region of Newaygo, Michigan. Despite losing the amenities of the city, we love having all the space. We can now finally accomodate our family of two adults, three cats, a Society finch and Chloe, our Timneh African Grey parrot.

If I can get this blog entry to work I will come back and write about the most exciting news in our pregnancy to date: The gender!


ria said...

Just wonderfull to see your blogging.
Lots of love from overseas.

babystephanie said...

I need some gender news!!