05 November 2011

Halloween Faeries

This year the girls were faeries for Halloween.  And just like last year, I could not get a nice picture of either of them.  But trust me, they were adorable!  Lovebug, especially, was just too cute with her chubby butt cheeks.  (Something I am sure she will appreciate me having said about her in the future!)

Trick or Treating was at a minimal this year.  We were at my folks' last Saturday afternoon and the girls got their treats from Oma and Opa and then we headed to Dave's folks' for the evening where the girls went Trick or Treating at three different doors at their house.  This was very fun and it gave the Pumpkin the impression that she really had gone Trick or Treating.  And she had, even if it was in miniature form!  We do not live anywhere near an area where trick or treating is a real possibility for the kids, so in the years to come we will have to be on the lookout for weekend activities that we can take the kids to.
Last year we took the girls (and Stepher and Joe took Dax) to Aunt Selma's nursing home.  We had such a wonderful time and this is my last good memory of Aunt Selma before she passed away in December.  It made for a kind of bittersweet time this year as I just kept remembering Aunt Selma wheeling herself in front of all of us down the crowded hallway and telling everyone who passed that "These are all my nieces and nephews behind me.  All my nieces and nephews."  She adored the babies and even that last night that she saw Veda she was trying to reach for her to hold her.  Aunt Selma was stubborn, crotchety, and an obsessive worrier, but I really do miss her.
I am aware that my daughter has her finger up her nose.  Despite all my demands (and my mother's as well) to pull her finger out, she refused.  So yes, Veda, you had adorable chubby cheeks and you picked your nose!


Stepher said...

Where's the picture of the butt cheeks? I love baby butt cheeks!!! I was even thinking about taking a pic just of Lincoln's adorable lil' butt but thought I might somehow get in trouble for it

barb said...

The girls are adorable. Do you live near a city that does Trick or Treat on the Saturday before Halloween? My area does that. The merchants open their stores to the kids, all day. It makes for a nice day. The kids are out in the daytime, which seems safer. Plus, it isn't usually as cold.

Ria said...

But I really like the pictures ofcourse :-) and I'm happy they have had a good tome.
Lots of love, Ria

Rachel said...

Wanted to reassure you that our nose picker is reformed and did eventually outgrow it.

I think it becomes like a habit! LOL!

Very pretty faeries!