10 October 2011

Nursery Revamped and Playing In the Leaves

I have been working on Veda's room trying to get it ready for her little sister to move in when that time arrives.  Veda's theme has always been owls and we are kind of just sticking with that for LG.  (Or my husband has begun to call her "Fidget," as she is constantly on the move.  I think it's pretty cute).  We are, I guess, officially making "her" animal a squirrel (like Veda is owl and Sylvia is frog), but really the room has a very feather-friendly feel.

I am certainly not a decorator, but I like how the room looks.  I have a very eclectic sense of style with a little of this and a little of that and a knick knack here and another one there.  (My mom calls this clutter, but what does she know?!)  But what I really love about this room is the handmade aspect.  My sister, Stephanie, painted the owl on the wall you see above the little dresser/changing table.  A friend made the window valance after Lovebug was born and Grandma's handiwork is in the crib bedding and pillow.  Nana Jeanne has a cross stitch contribution.  Even my mom has a tiny piece, by way of an adorable little pillow for Veda's Babydoll that is sitting in her crib.  And my knitted work can be spotted in various places.

It is hard to see, but that dark painting is of three owls.  My sister painted it and I received it at my baby shower two Saturdays ago.  Stepher was not there, as she was still only six days past giving birth, but my mom and youngest sister brought it with them.  I love it.

Yesterday we were at a birthday party for a friend of Sylvia's (who turned three recently).  My girls had a great time (and the parents did too!), but the most fun had by my hubby and kids were when they were playing in the leaves.

Jen, mom of the birthday girl, looked at me and sarcastically said, "They seem to be having a really good time in the leaves over there.  You know, if you want to bag some up and take them home with you that would be fine."  I laughed and replied, "As if we don't have enough!"  To which she said, "Yeah, that whole living in the middle of the woods thing."  But it is funny.  My kids get to play in leaves all the time, and yet, when presented with more that's where they will be.

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barb said...

Valerie, I am SO ashamed of myself. I feel like I fell of the earth for the past year. I was in a cloudy place, even though nothing changed in my life. Maybe that was the problem. ANYWAY, I haven't read blogs, didn't blog my own, kinda hid under a rock. Now that I am out from under, I started reading blogs and was STUNNED to read this wonderful post of yours. Of course I had no idea you are pregnant. How wonderful. Veta & LG's room is precious. I am addicted to owls, so this room really makes me smile.
I still have the book, wrapped and addressed, sitting in my room. I will get it in the mail to you this coming week.
Again, I am so sorry that I have been such a bad friend. I hope you are enjoying the last leg of your pregnancy. Can't wait to keep reading your posts.