27 November 2011

Before the Homecoming

It was decided that we would not go directly home after Guinevere left the hospital.  We were encouraged to stay close by for the first couple of nights, in case Evvie did have problems.  And on Monday Dave officially takes over his new position at work and had already said that he was planning on being in the office that day.  Originally my mother-in-law was going to come up to help me care for the children and do all those things that I cannot yet do (such as lift Veda), but God had other plans.

This past Tuesday morning my father-in-law's father (Dave's grandpa) passed away.  He was ninety-three, adored my children (and even liked me), and while his death was expected, it is still always hard when the end does finally come.  His funeral is tomorrow and this is where Dave's family will be.  There was just no way that we could attend services, given our own family's situation.  But there will be an additional service at the Veteran's Home (where he was a resident) and we will attend this memorial.

And so, our family has continued to take up residence with my folks, whom have been most supportive.  And it was to their house that Evvie was first introduced.  She was greeted warmly by both of her sisters.
As we suspected, we have already had some trouble with Sylvia being a little too motherly.  We have had a couple of incidents where she has been "holding" Baby Evvie and then has not wanted to give her up when I have said that it was time for me to take her.  It is very sweet, and the Little Pumpkin is a truly caring big sister, and when you're three and as independent and stubborn as my Sylvia, you think you can do it all as well as Mommy.  Guidelines will be given and over the next several weeks I am hoping that Sylvia will learn all the ways in which she can help Baby Evvie while not causing unintentional harm to her.

What has surprised me is the initial interest Lovebug has shown in her baby sister.  She has wanted to hold her (which she sort of did once already), and she has "helped with feedings," and has often run over to check on her.  But probably the sweetest thing is the last couple of nights while climbing the stairs to her bedroom she looks behind her, waves her little hand and says, "Night-night, baby."  And this all coming from the girl whom when I told her we were getting Baby Evvie from the hospital and bringing her to Oma and Opa's house she looked at me, shook her head, and said, "No, no."

But as it begins to sink in that Evvie is a permanent fixture, we will see some jealousy begin to emerge (from both our older children).  Sylvia sort of understands that Guinevere is now a part of our family and that she will be going home with us.  Veda, I do not believe, can yet comprehend that when we go home Guinevere is coming with us.  Guinevere is going to be in Veda's house now, a place where Veda has only ever known her mommy and daddy and big sister and pets have ever resided.  It will be interesting, to say the least.

This and the following pictures are all of Evvie today.  She is eating like a "real" newborn and is quickly filling out!  She is growing chubby cheeks, and her tummy is beginning to get round.  She is adorable.  She is a miracle.

I knit those booties months ago already.  I made them especially small as all of my children have always had small feet, and I suspected that I may not deliver a full term baby as Veda came early.  But still I worried that those booties would never fit on my third daughter's feet.  It is the feared crisis situation for every knitter.  But in the end, not only do those booties fit, they are too large.  She has the teeniest ankles and the most narrow feet I have ever seen.  But again, she is growing fast and those adorable preemie outfits she has been wearing will be packed away in the closet probably far more quickly than I am prepared for.
Dave is a very happy Daddy.  The love he has for his girls is amazing to me.  I always knew that when the time came and we decided to have children he would be a good father, but I had no idea just how much love is inside this man.  This coming Sunday will be our seven year wedding anniversary and while we have been through some remarkable struggles and continue to face some present hardships and will certainly have many challenges ahead of us, I would marry him again and again and again.

Late Tuesday morning Guinevere has her first doctor's appointment.  It will be the first time Dave will get to attend one of our girls' first doctor's office visits.  He had to work for the other two and my mom had to drive me and my daughter.  It is after this appointment that we will return to my parents' house, load the rest of our stuff into the van (including our three girls) and then finally head home-- together as a family of five.
And as a final note:  My day to day life is hard.  We live in a very rural area with no support anywhere in the immediate vicinity (not to discount Phil, who has been amazing in caring for the animals these past couple of weeks), and there are no local places to bring the children so they can run around and burn off energy (and we live in a very small house).  I have one child with special needs that do affect our daily life and, well, I now have three very small children.  I do worry about this winter.  It can be very isolating by us, and now with a preemie who is not supposed to go anywhere except to the doctor and back, it will be just me and my girls. 

Yes, it is hard.  But I cannot complain.  I have been given three precious little lives.  I often lie in bed at night and feel overwhelmed with gratitude that for some reason I have been entrusted with these amazing daughters.  And I am so excited to get to know them and watch them grow and I can only hope and pray that I can have the same positive impact on them as they have already had on me.  When it comes right down to it, I love my life.  I feel as though I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve. 

And so, Lord, thank you for all my blessings, particularly those in the form of my loving husband and three beautiful girls.


Ria said...

I loved to read what you're writing.
Yes indeed you are blessed, but I'm blessed to have you.
Lots of love, Ria

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

what a great post!!! your love for your family is so evident.

Now that you are home, I will have to arrange with you a night to bring over a meal :) Actually, better yet, I could come early afternoon and give you a little while to rest and I'll watch your kids, plus have something ready for your dinner.