19 June 2008

Reflections of You

For my birthday I had Daddy take this picture of me and you. You are the best gift I could ever receive and I wanted to celebrate that somehow. It is amazing to me the ways in which you have already changed my life, four months before you are even due to enter this world. You already keep me awake at night with your new found strength at kicking me from the inside out, particularly early in the morning. You have made me experience physical discomforts that I normally would never have accepted willingly, and yet, for you it is all worth it.

You already have me wondering about your future and what avenues of life you may pursue. I wonder if you will be more like Daddy or like your Mama. I wonder what you will look like. Will you have red hair, brown, blonde? I wonder what your favorite hobbies will be. Will you love to read like me or will you pick up new hobbies that Daddy and I could never do even if we really wanted to (woodworking for Daddy and painting for Mama).

I wonder who your closest friends will be. I wonder what your favorite subject in school will be. I wonder how many hearts you will break or how many times yours will be broken. I already worry about these pains that you will suffer. I already worry about how I am going to help you through the harder times in your life. I already have this huge desire to protect you from everything bad in this world. I know I can't, and I know you will have to experience the same things that we all do: Death, disappointment, heartache, failed relationships, and more. Yes, there is so much that I already wonder about and worry about.

I simply can't wait to meet you and see for myself who you will become. You are already my daughter and I already love you.


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This is gorgeous Valerie, I love the pic, and the letter to baby! So sweet!