15 June 2008

Celebration Weekend

This past weekend has felt much like Christmas. I was wrapping presents for fathers, Dave, a friend for his birthday, and a friend who gave birth to her third child on Friday morning. Of course, in addition to all of this it is also my birthday today. Needless, Christmas is the best equivalent I could think of.

But no one cares about that so much, I think everyone is more interested in knowing about Thursday's ultrasound. Baby looks good! She is about in the 60th percentile for growth right now and came in at 14 ounces. Wow . . . Nearly a pound already. There was a lot of commotion while the ultrasound was being taken, so I missed quite a bit of what the technician saw. The largest surprise was when she came back with our "baby pictures" and one shot included a picture of her eye! Included in this blog is this "eye" picture and another profile shot. To see the changes from 12.5, almost 17 and almost 21 weeks in simply incredible!

We still have not heard back regarding her genetic testing for Dave's disease but we should know within another week or two at the most.

I have also included a picture of Dave and me from yesterday. We had a lovely day together to celebrate Father's Day for him and birthday for me. I like to think of this as our first "family of three" picture.

Speaking of Father's Day . . . Dave will say that he got the best "gift" ever. He finally got to feel the baby kick!


babystephanie said...

She's a beauty already!
I think Dave got the best Father's Day gift ever! Amazing!

Lindsey said...

I am just now REALLY starting to comprehend that you are having a BABY... a little PERSON... another member of this family. Tonight, looking at the picture of you, Dave and baby-girl is the first that I've thought, "I love her (baby)!" I am so excited for when I get to hold her and play with her and watch her grow into a "little Valerie"- oyi! What a handful! :D Anyway, I'm excited and love this picture. I think the more pregnant you get the more beautiful you are, Valerie (even if dad doesn't... remember how he didn't like mom pregnant?) haha... Okay, this has become more of an e-mail now, so I better end.