24 June 2008

A Black Confession

Truly. We have a black confession. We have added to our family and have accepted another cat into our midst. Part of Dave's job involves registering and grading tests of medical residents for a "live subject" test perfomed at the West Michigan Laboratories. The live subjects are little kittens. They undergo a day or two of some pretty harsh stuff, but then afterwards are adopted out to homes: They come fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Of the seven cats being used last week Tuesday only three of them had homes already arranged. Of the remaining four, three of them were black females. (I have such a soft spot for black cats.) And so, Dave called and said that maybe we needed to take one home. Of course, I agreed.

Yesterday we welcomed Annabelle into our house. She is such a sweety! She is currently staying with "Mom" in the master bed & bath and hopefully tomorrow we will begin introductions with the rest of the family. She has very dark eyes and kind of a smushed face. Very cute. For those of you who know my relationship with Edgar, I can assure you that at this point he is doing pretty well. He knows she is in the room, but he has remained surprisingly calm about it. (It also helps that I took a nice long nap with him and "his blanket" on the couch this afternoon.)

And so, that is our "black" confession.


Lindsey said...

You and me Valerie, we got a thing for black cats (they are my favorite too). I am excited to meet your latest member of the family. Yet another cat to sit next year! lol, what else is new?!

babystephanie said...

I am especially fond of her short hair, after almost 20 years of black fur everywhere...